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X-Rays have been a gold standard in the preliminary investigation for the past hundred years and it has stood the test of time in being a quick painless and a safe modality to diagnose various elements in the human body.

For the trained eye, X-Rays can diagnose a simple broken bone to an infected lung, and sometimes that’s all you need to get your effective treatment started as soon as possible without necessitating any further tests.

We at Kindle clinics utilise top of the line Allengers MARS 15 system which comes with AEC(Automatic exposure control) and Fujifilm focused phosphor technology which leads to 50% decrease in X-Ray dozing and a significant improvement in the clarity of the images acquired over other conventional methods.

The utilisation of computerised radiography helps us have a turn around time for each X-Ray to be less than 3 minutes and is PACS enabled for future retrieval. This significantly reduces the waiting time and fastens your diagnosis. QUICK, SAFE, ACCURATE

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